#16. going veg, help wanted

Day one of 31 is (almost) in the books. And I’ve never craved bacon more in my life. It might have made more sense to wait until February to try this…

Generally, I don’t eat a lot of meat. So in theory, giving it up for a month should not be that difficult. But, life is not theoretical. And I am definitely one of those obstinate people who becomes consumed with the things she is told she can’t have or do. That is to say, I am the psychological equivalent of a toddler.

Yesterday was spent glutting and gorging on all things animal. As fate would have it, my firm was hosting an Oktoberfest-themed happy hour, replete with sausage, schnitzel, and charcuterie. And I went to town on that, just in time for a dear friend’s birthday dinner, at which I ordered a pork belly dish, because, pork belly.


the last supper

Thinking back on just how much I consumed, I’m actually mildly disgusted by myself. And yet also…proud? I have a few questions going forward, though:

  • Any pointers on how to avoid a significantly carb-rich diet?
  • Does fish/seafood count? Am slightly worried about getting enough protein, given that I’m lactose intolerant (not that it stops me) and get easily bored of tofu
  • Recipe and restaurant recommendations, please!

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