the list lives

With D-Day 30 only a week away, I realized I should take a look at how not far along I’ve come by way of list completion. The beauty of this whole endeavor is there really is no way to fail–I get to do the things I’ve wanted to do and have a built-in excuse for them (thanks old age/mid-life crisis!)  How’s that for a positive spin/rationalization?!

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#5. backpack somewhere

As compared to the next Midwestern-raised corporate attorney, aka the land of no topography and zero trees, I like to consider myself as relatively “outdoorsy.” I mean, in a past life, I frequently car-camped and schlepped through rural Kentucky (redundant?) in order to destroy my hands and body on some incredible sandstone. Pre-law Clee was a much cooler cat than lawyer Clee can ever hope to be. *Sigh*