thirty by thirty

1.  summit a mountain
2.  build something
3.  see at least three of the seven modern wonders of the world
4.  get a tattoo
5.  backpack somewhere
6.  run a marathon
7.  learn to play the guitar
8.  watch the sun rise from half dome
9.  fall in love, one more time…
10.  do a century ride
11.  give away at least one-third of my clothes
12.  hug a koala
13.  cook a meal without recipes and host a dinner party
14.  buy lunch for a total stranger
15.  finish infinite jest
16.  go vegetarian for a month
17.  eat at the french laundry
18.  visit texas
19.  surprise my parents with a visit home
20.  fly a plane
21.  go an entire day without spending any money and donate $100 
22.  take myself out to dinner and a movie…by myself
23.  sail the bay
24.  go fly fishing
25.  try SUP yoga
26.  surf at sunset
27.  ask a guy out on a date
28.  karaoke with friends…and sing whatever songs they pick
29.  watch every oscar best picture since 1986
30.  write a note to 30 people in my life who made a difference…and tell them

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